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creative process

All of Michael Bales' tattoos are custom pieces designed for each individual client. We ask that all clients send in visual reference material (design, size, placement, color/ black and gray, etc.). If the project fits our style and schedule, we will then set an appointment to come in for an in-person consult (exceptions are made for conventions or travel clients). During the consult, the overall design will be discussed, a preliminary drawing will be completed, and a quote for the entire project will be given.


After the consult

Michael Bales does not take a deposit, therefore no designs will be given ahead of time. After the consult, we ask that all clients send in their consult notes to recap the piece, and then the final drawing is presented the day of the appointment. Since his pieces are designed to fit the canvas, once the client is there, in person, if any changes need to be made, adjustments...adjusted (ha!), that will be completed and then the tattoo appointment will begin.


Other points of interest:

  • Day of the appointment: eat well, bring a light sweater/jacket but please remember the area being tattooed needs to be accessible. We do offer complementary snacks and water, but if you're particular, feel free to bring your own. Rebel Muse offers complementary WIFI.

  • Bringing guests: Michael has guest chairs in his room should you want to bring someone with you. However, while we love them, children are really not the ideal guests for this type of activity so we recommend that they don't join you.

  • Healing regimen: Michael Bales prefers to heal his pieces with Saniderm. It's a medical grade clear bandage that remains on the skin for 5 days after the appointment. The main purpose is to keep germs and bacteria out of the tattoo, but it has the added benefit of being fool proof (it doesn't leak, you can wear clothing right over it, bathe normally, etc.). After the tattoo, Michael will go over particulars as far as the care of the Saniderm and tattoo.

  • For multi-session tattoos: we book sessions about a month apart for healing purposes. We can stretch it longer if need be, but that's as closely as we'd be comfortable booking them.